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A Tomb Called Iwo Jima
Firsthand Accounts from Japanese Survivors

By Dan King

Firsthand accounts from Japanese WWII soldiers, sailors and pilots who fought in the battle for Iwo Jima and survived. Some were evacuated before the Marines landed and others were taken as Prisoners-of-War. The Japanese army and navy combatants are given a voice to share their experiences in the battle that coined the phrase, "Uncommon valor was a common virtue."

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The Last Zero Fighter
Firsthand Accounts from Japanese WWII Naval Pilots and Airmen

By Dan King

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This book is the cumulative work of five years of traveling to and from Japan to interview and document firsthand the accounts of WWII Japanese Naval aviators in their own language. Up until now, their accounts were often untold, overlooked or misunderstood due the language barrier that exists due to the complex nature of the Japanese written and spoken language. The author interviewed five WWII era naval combat veterans for their own personal experiences during training, the war, and in direct combat with US and Allied forces during the Pacific War. The author spoke freely with the veterans on their personal thoughts; their convictions regarding their decision to join the Japanese Navy, their thoughts on the Pearl Harbor attack, the decision to use atomic bombs; and their opinions of their own aircraft as well as that of the enemy. What did they really think about the Kamikaze? They openly answered all these questions and more.

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Japanese Military Sake Cups 1894-1945

Binding: Hardcover
Publisher: Schiffer Military History (2004)
ISBN: 0764318810
Size: 8 1/2" x 11"
Illustrations: Over 200 color photographs showing over 250 pieces
Pages: 160

This is the first book of its kind regarding the up-and-coming hobby of collecting Japanese Military Sake Cups (guntai sakazuki). It consists of 144 pages of useful information and photos regarding the usage and history on Japanese Army & Navy sake cups used by the military for roughly 50 years. The book covers cups, sake bottles, sake trays and commemorative items. The cups photographed in the book are the result of the author's 20 years of collection WWII Japanese militaria with a focus on sake-related items.

On recent trip to Japan to interview WWII veterans, much to my surprise, I found my book for sale at an English bookstore in Tokyo.
The attraction of these cups is not only hand made, hand painted craftsmanship but their historical significance as well. Many cups will have the owner's regiment, name etc..on the cup which gives the collector the option of researching the cup to discover where the original owner was stationed during the war.

The Japanese military machine chose to revive several age-old samurai traditions including the use of hand-forged swords, long helmet straps tied in the samurai style, and the consumption of ceremonial sake before a battle.

The sake was consumed in a solumn ceremony, with no words spoken other than a reverent, singular "Kanpai" by the leader.

For more information on sake cups, one can order the book through Schiffer Publshing, Borders or Barnes & Noble.com. Or for a signed copy please contact me.

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