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On March 10, 2011 Members of a volunteer group of Japanese are handed the ashes of over 100 WWII Japanese soldiers to the Government of Japan's Ministry of Health and Welfare. The volunteers raised money to make a 3 week trek into the interior of the island of Guadalcanal to search for the remains of the dead who had been abandoned after the war. The ceremony took place at the "Chidorigafuchi Senbotsusha bouen" (Chidori ga fuchi cemetary for the war dead) next to the Yasukuni Shrine in Kudanshita, Tokyo. The hand over ceremony is called the "Hikiwatashi shiki."

Dan King has been invited to join the group's next trip to Guadalcanal. Funding is always a problem, but as soon as funds can be obtained he will be happy to assist in the recovery of the war dead as there are possibly American dead in the jungle as well.