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While on Peleliu in 2002 I obtained two WWII Marine Corps Canteen cups. In 2006 I obtained a third canteen cup. One of them I found, and the other two were given to me by Mr. Sachio Kageyama, the son of a Japanese Officer killed during the battle. Mr. Kageyama is also the president of the "2nd Infantry Regiment's Comrade Assoc." He and other volunteers visit Peleliu regulalry to search for and collect the bones of their war dead for proper Buddhist burial. I was able to facilitate the return of all three canteen cups.

This is the story of the cup that I found near a wrecked airplane:

While exploring the jungles of Peleliu with "Military Historical Tours" in March '02 Dan King found a Marine canteen cup named to Joseph A. Odorowski F-2-7 ("F Company, 2nd Battalion, 7th Marine Regiment, 1st Marine Division). At that moment King decided to find the original owner or next-of-kin and return the cup. After returning to California, King miraculously located the former Marine living in Michigan! He flew to Michigan to return the cup and meet this former Marine. King learned that Pfc Odorowski fought with the 1st MarDiv at Cape Gloucester, Peleliu and finally Okinawa where he was shot in the shoulder. Other people who were there when the cup was found on Peleliu were Diane Kuebler, Jim Pilkington, Doug Meny, John Edwards, and Kevin Windsberger.

Dan King with PFC Joseph A. Odorowski at the veteran's residence in Michigan.

"I am sad to report that Mr. Joseph A. Odorowski passed away on May 5, 2011 at the age of 90. America has lost another faithful son. Rest in peace sir, you were a member of truly "The Greatest Generation." Semper Fi."

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