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These three booklets were sent to Dan King by Mr. Ray Elliot, editor of the 4th Marine Division "The Black Sands." He obtained these WWII Japanese booklets from a member of the association of former Marines who wished to have the items returned to Japan. King coordinated with Tokyo-based author/historian, Ms. Yukie Sasa who assisted King in getting the items donated to the Yasukuni Shrine for the war dead. The Yasusukuni Shrine representatives are working diligently to find the family of the dead soldier, but in the meantime they chose to honor him by placing his booklet "Horse Skills Booklet," after it had been blessed by the priest, under glass in the Yasukuni museum, the Yushukan. The other booklet has been placed in the research Yasukuni Shrine library as it is the only known example of this rare Army booklet on the use of horses and mules for transporting supplies in combat. The search for the family continues, more information as it develops.

Private Hikoshichi Suzuki, died of an unspecified illness the Army hospital in Mukden China in December 1945. He was sent to Manchuria as a member of the 102nd Butai which was a transport unit. He was in Lt. Aoki's Platoon, Captain Ishii's Company, 204th Independent Battalion, 117th Division. Little is known of Pvt Suzuki's life or his death at this point, only that the items that have been returned from the USA are deeply cherished and appreciated by the priests and caretakers of the Yasukuni shrine and museum.

Thank you letter from the Yasukuni War Shrine museum.

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